Characteristic of the car cosmetics.

The modern chemical industry offers the motorists a huge choice of different car care products. There are many care products for the car body, interior, windows, etc.

The shampoos are intended for a serious car wash.

The varnishes and different abrasive paste can not just polish the chapped surfaces and make them shine. Some of them remove bitumen, oil stains and rust, smooth the small scratches and are resistant to the water and dirt.

The grinding pastes are irreplaceable for cleaning the dull and chapped paint coat surfaces and removing the heavy spots, scratches and defects of painting.

car cosmetics

The products for the car of plastic details are necessary for the general care of car interior. They make the matt and faded plastic details look like the new ones.

There are special products for the care of car glasses: cleaning foams, remedies against fogging, shampoos and a so-called “anti-rain”.