Chevrolet will predict failure.

Company Chevrolet introduces technology Proactive Alerts, which will assess the condition of the car and report possible faults in the near future.

ChevroletThe system starts with the start-up of the engine and check the operation of the starter, fuel pump and the battery. The findings of the analysis of the figures are compared with reference values for this vehicle model and the averages of other cars of this model through the OnStar database.

Upon detection of suspicious abnormalities system will issue a warning on the screen of car multimedia system, and using the advanced settings similar notice may come via e-mail or by SMS. In addition, if the driver enters into a contract with an authorized dealer, when reporting about a possible failure provider will order a new part before the complaint is received from the client.

The system is available for cars Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, the Corvette sports car, as well as a crossover Equinox 2016. In the future, they plan to develop chevy silverado headlight bulb
and a system for reporting on the state of the other parts of the car, as well as expand the range of cars in which this technology can be applied.