DODGE DAKOTAEarlier this is my 92 Dodge Dakota – V8 5.2 liter. Pierre badness This is a Only women lie homes that. Yeah it’s a luxury addition herbs power windows power locks power locks for will drive. All the good stuff won’t really. I’m Irv pretty good body on 100 and 27000. I got it off of the group we care. It’s got the. More mental maliciously gal. Thanks in very good condition.

Just needs some torture. Cool about forward. Yeah it. Yeah amber. Foreign spring it’s all turned around for years and. Fast. London is so the VA I mean shit straight gifts that you now that bug garden that’s like like 100 horse buyers have nothing you know. What girl would not one again this truck that but it got but garden she’s. Have to be crazy tail light and Dakota headlights. Am I just take a look at the inside. Gosh we adore it opens up sales subpar locks power windows.

This is the. Others are pretty good got together to carry it out before me. So. Yeah. Pretty nice interior got this thing with Jake you know. There’s a tape measure Never. This is like the best feature about this truck is right here oh yeah. It is just orgasmic pleasure that we had big backseat again. Get yours storage compartment where you hide you drugs you know. And then. Got the seat to fall down romance. Sliding glass window back here. Now. So work so. A good. Third this beast herb. The services running right now it’s not the wild.