Jeep Grand Cherokee alternator change

Today we’re gonna be changing the alternator one or 2007 jeep grand Cherokee. What things you want to do number ones. Great disconnected battery you don’t do anything and I shock at all. The bolt catcher down here. Or put a ranch owner Turner clockwise gonna. Release. Tension from the belt. We’re gonna be okay get off nice and easy after that. No thing you wanna do is probably take a picture you get the orientation of the early. We put it back together. Alright so let’s get started. And the 15 millimeters socket owner.
Grand Cherokee alternator
2 When I put pressure on it loosens the built up. Phyllis laden off nice and easy. Next you’re getting is a 13 millimeter ranch. Takes power wire all the alternator price. Next you have 3 books a month ago.

This one right here. This one right here this over here. FD it off. Best if you have your tribe or to rocket loose little bit it’s pretty snowed in there after. CNN there for couple years. All the more Tradescant acted. Best of first bowl goes here longer won’t. The second one. Goes here medium size more. Small loan goes back here. Not a good idea esta put himself by Saad make sure everything’s the same actually line up. Sure it’s all good. And there you have it. 2007 alternator went jeep grand Cherokee. All back together. Hope this helps you guys out. Cool.